Who am I?

I became interested in coaching and mentoring because not so long ago, I myself went through some difficult circumstances. I found coaching to be incredibly beneficial – as it changed my perspective dramatically and enabled me to see my life (and myself) from a viewpoint I hadn’t felt able to contemplate before. Soon I became fascinated with the how and the why – why had coaching been able to transform my life in this way? And how could I help others by doing the same and sharing my experience with them?

I’ve been mentoring, training and coaching for over 25 years – and now I know that my whole life has been building towards this vocation with each elementary experience guiding me and teaching me – from dyslexia at a very early age and family difficulty to financial issues and divorce later in life (you can read more about my story here in my Bio). Following this realisation I dedicated my life to training and developing in a variety of coaching disciplines – some scientifically-proven, some spiritual.

What drives my passion to coach is how it has helped me to be better version of me. My own experience inspired me to help others through coaching and enable them to move forward with their lives, just as I did with mine – and my first-hand knowledge allows me to understand from a personal perspective how coaching can help you and how it can be so beneficial for you, in so many ways.

Building on my initial inspiration each and every person I come into contact with through coaching drives me to do more – to learn more, to help more. I love seeing passion and power in others – witnessing such a positive transformation and calm realisation of who they are today as a result of experiencing my methodology.


What is SimplyBeYourself about?

 SimplyBeYourself encompasses my varied approach and embodies what I believe is the key to reaching our broader goals – being at one with ourselves. After all, without an appreciation and deeper understanding of ourselves how can we do the things we want to do with our lives? I offer a unique, blended approach – taking strands and disciplines from various schools of thought and applying them together to achieve a positive effect. To describe this in better detail I liken myself to an alchemist – selecting the best tools for the job from my kit and blending them together to achieve the perfect mix to help you, rather than just applying a ‘one size fits all’ sticking-plaster which may not be right or feel comfortable for you.

I practise of Law of Attraction (L of A – best known through viral books and film The Secret) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), (find out more here),but I also work with the Silva Method and many other ways of coaching which I have learnt over considerable years I have spent carefully developing and fine-tuning my techniques, discovering what works and what doesn’t.

There’s a reason behind my blended approach – and the reason is results. My time coaching and mentoring a wide variety of people has taught me to select my methods, the various elements of those methods and their intensities and bring them together rather than simply using one at a time. It’s also important to note that the mix of spiritual and more prescriptive, scientific ideologies is key to the success of those I coach. My mastery level of NLP allows me to help with any issues you may have and allow me resolve them non-invasively and relatively subconsciously, whilst my specialist knowledge of L of A allows us to move forward to a calmer you.

Together these elements align to bring about a change of perspective and significant mental transformation, ultimately allowing you to move forward and live life for future growth.

You are who you are today because of the experiences you have been through, the things you have seen and done, and the people you have met. You are a product of the life you have lived up until now. Although many people feel they are ‘weak’ or ‘insignificant’ , that they ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ live a fulfilled life, I know that you can use this perseverance and strength that you have already shown yourself, in combination with my coaching, so that you can achieve the empowered and bright future that you desire.

My coaching is not designed to fix anything or anyone, but instead serves to enhance who you have become and allow you to simply be the best you can be, at this moment in time and going forward as you continue your evolution for a wonderful future you.


How can this approach benefit you?

Many people go through life never reaching their full potential. Compromising and sacrificing. Always feeling as though they could or should have done more – aspiring to be someone who doesn’t feel like the person they are right now. Does this sound like you? If so, my approach can certainly benefit you. I don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ ethos, or pushing people to find solutions before they’re ready. Instead I empower people to feel stronger and healthier and put them in a position to be able to find their own solutions, whether that’s now, or sometime in the future. I work with a structure of building blocks and foundations, always setting out the road ahead and ensuring you have firm stepping stones to reach for with confidence throughout your journey. This tailor-made, no-pressure approach allows you to move steadily at a pace you feel comfortable with, making progress in your own way without feeling rushed or anxious.


Who do I coach?

My varied approach allows me to help a wide range of people of all ages with many types of difficulties. Perhaps they feel they can’t move forward with their life after a devastating event, or maybe they feel as though they have more to give and are stuck in a rut. Whatever the issue at hand, I’m confident that my blended technique can help you to move forward and feel happier and more content in life.


In a personal capacity I…

Coach Men, so they reconnect to themselves again and be free to be themselves again

Women, so they can be free to dream, live again and grow exponentially

Coach couples, firstly individually and then bring them together later

Work with people with limiting beliefs about themselves and poor or low self-esteem

Work with people going through divorce, to get clarity of the situation and future

Work inspiring people to have self-belief again and free to be themselves again

Working with groups of people, reconnecting people to themselves


In a professional environment I…

Help people facing or going through redundancy, this is a complex time for you

Work with businesses on how they feel about themselves and their businesses vision

Have provided my unique brand of coaching for larger companies including Bosch, Blaupunkt, Agip Oil, Canon, Compaq, and HP.