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All business run from the heart and that starts with you and how you feel about you, the business and the future. We look at your business and the way you feel about it and how we can make you feel more optimistic of its future and its future growth. At the helm of the ship is the captain you.

You have many people that help run the ship and help you in its future but you are the captain, you hold the rudder on the voyage of your future business success. We start with you and the way you think and do things.

So how do I know this can help you, I have had a few businesses of my own over the years, from my early twenties working in the Oil and Gas industry ( not for the faint hearted ) as an communications engineer contractor, my own property business in my thirties and now coaching business in the forties too. So I understand the complex natures of business but also the mind set of success, this combination is very powerful indeed.

So how have I helped other business in the past, we have looked into the practices and mind set of how you feel about you and the business. We look at where you can think usually slightly differently about your current vision of what you want and where you’re going.

We look at any issues of self-belief or your belief of where you’re going or where you want to go. See if there is any blocks to where you want to go and succeed in. We look at what other experiences in your life that may be stopping you being the success you desire and ultimately deserve.

We look at how you feel about your business and we see if you have any limiting beliefs about life itself or how you can see where your business in going and its / your future. Many times I have seen that seemingly unrelated past experiences and emotions, may seem small individually. But these experiences and emotions compounded have devastating effects on your self-esteem and confidence and therefore effect your ability to run and grow your business to its potential.

We work together on these areas and help you build your self-confidence and self-belief in you and this has a dramatic effect on your business and its sustainability and future growth.

So work with me and let’s get you and your business to place you and it deserves to be…!

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Redundancy is a difficult time in your life and you in foreign ground; “What do I do and where do I go?”. It’s obviously best to get financial help from a qualified and recommended finance expert, to put your finances in order.

But what about you and how you feel, do you feel that redundancy has made you feel worthless or discarded, that you feel unwanted and surplus to requirements. “What do I do now, where do I go, how do I feel about the future and my mind set?”.

This is where I came in, I have been made redundancy twice in my twenty years and a few months ago. Do you look at it as a new start or a disaster, this may be one of the many questions running through your head. So we work together and see how you are feeling and then start to build a platform for you to have a bases for your future.

All you have to do is ask and we will help you move forward with your new life of possibilities and structure a brighter future for you and your family.

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