Personal 1-2-1 Coaching

We first have a conversation, develop that into a powerful conversation, where we discuss your achievements and your life so far. In all its facets and start to build a balanced platform, from where you can develop yourself and who you want to be.

Once this platform is started we build on this and build this balanced and sustainable space for your future growth and prosperity. We then continue on your personal journey, of discovery and insightful enlightenment.

I have had the pleasure to work with some pretty amazing people and help them realise their dream, to be happy within themselves. To have belief in themselves and harmony again in their lives. Some people never thought they could be happy or if they deserved to be. Everyone deserves to have self-belief and be happy within themselves, because once you are…. Literally everything else changes too, you feel good and brighter other people see this and you feel great. Your relationships get better with your partner, family and friends, you have more energy and want to do and feel more….what’s not to like

We move forward gently and at your own pace, there is no rush or urgency.

Simply be yourself again.

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Coaching Prices

  • 1 Session

  • £POA.
    • Complimentary discovery session

  • 5 Sessions

  • £POA.
    • Book 5 Get 1 free
    • Complimentary discovery session

  • 10 Sessions

  • £POA.
    • Book 10 Get 2 free
    • Complimentary discovery session