Relationship Coaching

I work with both of you individually at first, so I can see you as the person you are and we work together to gain harmony within yourself. Once you and your partner are ready and the individual couples coaching has culminated in more understanding and harmony with in you, we start working together and rebuild on what you have and what your future together.

The complex nature of relationships and being a loving and understanding partner, to the one you love can be a difficult experience, for many reasons. But what if your partner of yourself have limiting beliefs that you can have a wonderful relationship or belief you don’t deserve a loving relationship.

What do you do when something in your past, an experience or event, that stops you simply being you and having the loving partner you have always wanted and deserve?

So how do I help, as detailed above we start the coaching as 1-2-1 sessions and I help you and your partner in private sessions to become more aware of you and how you interact with them. We build an understanding and work through any long standing issues and experiences that may have nothing to do with your partner. But these issues or experiences affect your current relationship and so stops you from moving forward and ultimately being happy in the relationship you crave.

So you find more harmony and separately so does your partner, this has a wonderful effect of your relationship. You and they understand more about themselves and feel they can relax more, be more and love more.

I have seen this in many couples over the years and it gives me great pleasure to see them, finally enjoying the relationship without the baggage from the past. Which was stopping them having the future that they always wanted and should have.

So it my pleasure to help you become more you and so you relationship can blossom into the wonderful experience it should be for you and your loved one.

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Coaching Prices

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  • 10 Sessions

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