I met Richard after my divorce and need it help with pretty much all challenges which comes along with it.

He very kindly helped me with rebuilding my confidence which was very low at the time and there for i find it difficult to deal with very important decisions to make regarding work and finances.

He is excellent with giving advice on negotiating finance and investor’s very useful and positive advice on it. Was extremely helpful as I had no experience with it.

As I build my confidence level later on I met a new men in my life and felt alive again.

Richard also couch me how I can very gently talk to my son after the divorce and help him go through the difficult times too. For me was very important to talk to the right person someone as knowledgeable and experience in all those fields together and at the same time very easy to talk to about anything that worries you.

That was Richard.

Thanks a million!


Richard is one of the very rare people who does what he does out of a genuine wish to help people and that is refreshing because there is an honesty and authenticity about what he does that you don’t often find. The power of what he does in belied by its unpretentious and low key approach but not by its efficacy. I was stuck when I turned to Richard and he took me from that place, to a place where I was able to finish my task with a new enthusiasm, he actually enabled me to create my best work so far and turned round and credited me with the achievement. Floyd Mayweather was the guy who won the fight but his coach Freddie Roach is due some serious praise too so thanks Richard, look forward to speaking again soon.


I am an acupuncturist and also have started up with Forever Living Products as they are the best wellness products out there that I have ever used, and which I know will benefit a lot of my clients (and friends/family) and conditions I treat. I have always had an issue with procrastination and self-doubt which have held me back from what I want to achieve, and so I jumped all over the opportunity of a couple of coaching telephone sessions with Richard.


I found him to be so easy to talk to, he’s very open and also listened well to where I felt I was at and where I wanted to be. He was very perceptive and mindful of who I am and gave me some insights that I would never have considered.


During one of our sessions I had the most amazing energy experience that is hard to put into words without sounding a bit ‘out there’ but it happened and I have to share: we were talking on the phone, I can’t even remember the specifics, and I closed my eyes and suddenly became aware of a sound and energy encircling me; I opened my eyes and could see this hazy pink/purple aura spinning around me, from my head to my toes! It made me feel so calm and happy and I couldn’t stop smiling, it felt really powerful but in a safe way. When I told Richard what I was seeing and feeling, he just said ”That’s you, that’s your energy”….WOW! That experience left me feeling so calm and confident and secure in myself and things are definitely moving onwards and upwards now for me both personally and professionally. Thank you Richard.


It’s just brilliant to have someone like Richard on your side. Not only does he see right through to the root of the problem but he has real solutions to them too. His strong business sense and strategic overview on top of having really helpful solutions to mental blocks make him the supreme true blue friend you’d absolutely want to have in your corner.

Anni N

Richard helped me understand what and where I had previous blocks in how I felt about areas of my past. Which were affecting my present life, in ways I could not see. The coaching helped me build my confidence and have a much better understanding of what I had already achieved in my life. This gave me the belief and empowerment to get a new job and see my future goals coming true for me.


Richard is an amazing coach. I have only known him for about 6 months and he has been absolutely amazing at supporting me in my journey and what I want to achieve. We have spent many hours talking through aspects of my work and personal life and where I want to be and Richard can somehow draw out of me what I need to hear. He has empowered me to take action and believe anything is possible, I just needed to believe it. Thank you Richard.


If you’re a woman and are considering coaching due to any issues, even some personal issues you’re struggling with, I can’t recommend any other coach than Richard!

He is honest, sincere, funny while taking care of coaching you and is a real gentleman, that really respects your space.

Before Richard, I had got some tips that helped me a little, but Richards coaching just made all the difference this is what I really needed to make a real difference in my life and just put the icing on the cake!

It helped me tremendously!

I would highly recommend him if you’re open to take your life to a better place or to the next level and either way Richards coaching makes all the difference in the world.


I was introduced to Richard through a business contact who suggested I work with Richard over the course of a week and do a condensed version of his usual training that I understand runs over the course of the month.

As a business owner (part time) and a full time financial professional it seemed to good an opportunity to turn down.

Richard and I agreed a number of sessions during the week and he asked me to think of an area i wanted to work on. Our first session was really an introduction to me, my background and what I do, nothing to scary about that it was like chatting with a friend.

Session 2 Richard had processed all of the information (my non stop 60 minutes of nattering) and had some suggestions for areas for me to work on which we discussed and then agreed an area to focus on. This was a massive help for me as without Richards input I don’t think I would have reached just one area to focus on.

We spoke about that area of focus, and the challenges around it that inhibit me achieving in that area. This brought a lot of clarity, small changes I could make that would impact on big scale when taken together. This enabled us to work together to create a desire statement, to help me reaffirm what we had discussed. I felt like a weight had been lifted and got about making these little changes.

Finally our last session looked to the future, what I wanted to achieve, where I wanted to be. It helped me create a vision, and I felt I had the building blocks from our earlier sessions to get there. I felt motivated and empowered to bring about change.

This was all November 2014. On 1st April 2015 I got the promotion at work that I said to Richard in our very first meeting that I just didn’t see happening  it was such a massive jump for me personally and professionally as much as I wanted it I wasn’t sure it would happen. Then it did. I believe it was Richards help and focusing me at the right time that got me to that goal.

Richard was a pleasure to work with, and has always kept in contact since our first sessions to follow up on his initial work. I would be happy to recommend him to friends and colleagues.


I highly recommend Richard Davies as a coach not only because of his experience, wisdom and expertise but also for his ability to empower you to tape into your true power and facilitate your development within your personal and professional life. I have a lot of respect for Richard, upon so many levels. I truly believe that he has what it takes to take you to the next level. All successful people understand the importance of having an extraordinary coach. The question is what will it take to make you test drive what Richard has to offer? How will having a good coach change your life from this point forward?

Mrs S Ben Salmi BSc

Was good to talk with Richard about how I was feeling in myself. He listened well and gave good feedback and insights as to how I could better tune in to my own feelings. Also had some very practical suggestion on actions I could take to get better in touch with myself and resolve some dissatisfactions with my own directions.

His aura also was very calm and soothing.


Before I started having coaching session’s I’d become very withdrawn with myself I didn’t know who I was anymore. I had no belief in myself and was just finding everyday a struggle.

I’ve three beautiful children and a caring partner. But with everyday life, I just found myself so negative and worrying all the time which was effecting my family life and friendship’s.

With talking to Richard it’s helped me to focus on myself and actually look at all the great things I’ve achieved for myself and begin to have more confidence in me. By doing these sessions I’ve been able to unlock issues I’ve been carrying for years and talk them through which has been the a great starting point for me. I’ve fully trusted Richard and its help me to be honest and not hold back. Has it’s been Very difficult and emotional to share, it was also empowering to have actually work through these memories that I’d be carrying for such a long time.

I was then ready to begin coaching which as helped with everyday life, my outlook on life had become more clearer, I’d started to become more focused on what I wanted from life and believe I can achieve by working through small steps at a time.

I’d started hitting all my goals and I see a big difference in myself, my confidence was back and I wasn’t scared to come out of comfort zone even though I was scared inside it felt great when I did something I wouldn’t normally even try.

My family had noticed a big difference in me I was more energetic and more confident, I was listening better to family and spending more quality time with them.

If there are things on mind now I will try to deal with it straight away, which has helped to control negative energy of worrying.

I really do believe in mind set now the way you programme your thoughts is the key to changing your life for the better.